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Feb 25

Written by: Diana West
Friday, February 25, 2022 7:29 AM 

What "covid"?


Can we have a war on covid and a war on Ukraine at the same time? Are the US truckers heading toward Washington (agent provacateurs in tow) driving into the oblivion of a vanished narrative? Then again, if next week's crisis is trucker-triggered martial law inside the masked, vaxxed and Biden-occupied Beltway, whither Ukraine? What happens when one psyop crashes into another? Does it burn before our eyes, like a list of Ghislaine Maxwell's power-wielding clients? 

To be clear, I am not calling exploding bombs psyops, but even as we see images of fireballs and  streets turned to rubble, the mutliple mind games do not cease. 

We are suddenly, with Ukraine, supposed to swivel all of our attention, every micro-dot of focus, to a Russian invasion of Ukraine, and react as if we were still ourselves. Sanctions! Betrayal! Troops! Putin! NATO! All of the call signs are back, time-warped echoes we are programmed to rise to, just as if nothing had happened to us. Just as if there were in the USA a legitimately elected president and the rule of law. Just as if we all had freedom of speech and movement and other Bill of Rights protections, now cancelled by unconstitutional fiat. Just as if very our own borders were protected, and not just from the "unvaccinated." Just as if the past couple of years (and centuries) had not taken place, as if we are still resolutely planted on a clearly defined, knowable, transparent, lawful, free, perfectly familiar and traditional Other Side.

But that wind done gone. We are not who we were, or thought we were, nor do we occupy the high ground we once thought we did. And with our own borders erased every day by the footsteps of hundreds of thousands of illegal invaders we don't get one stinking headline.

My friend, the brilliant commentator. Jeff Nyquist writes, "Ukraine is being abandoned because America and her allies did not prepare, did not take the threat from Russia seriously. And now we are feeding the crocodile in the hope that he will eat us last."

But what if he already ate us? What if America has been abandoned? Then again, what exactly is "America," and what exactly are "her allies"? Also, when was it ever the case that Ukraine, among many others, was not abandoned by "America and her allies"? When was it ever the case was that post-Tsarist Russia, Red China, too, was not saved by "America and her allies"? Whose allies are they? Who are they?

We've been here over and over again. The first time was tragedy, and the next time was tragedy, too. And the next and next as well, although farcical aspects became more farcical over time. Point one: It's never about Ukraine, just as it's never about Poland, or Czechoslovakia, or East Germany, or Hungary. It's never about China, Korea, Vietnam, and on and on. It's never about the Gulags or our POWs. It's never about democracy, and it's never about arms control, and it's never about the war on drugs, and it's never about human rights, 

Whether it's "detente" then or "sanctions" now, whether its "arms control" or even war, Western powers don't fight to save them, whover they are, but rather to change us all. Subvert us. Kill off some of us, too. Dictate a line of doom, perverting all of our destinies as sovereign, God-created human beings. The world wars, the "limited" wars, all of them, were unnecessary slaughters,  economic measures I still strain to understand, the all-important triggers of the all-important chaos that are necessary to initiate the perfect states of emergencies for lawless meglomaniacs to act -- and, boy, did they "act." The roles they played -- statesmen, patriots, saviors -- were such frauds. The games they played were such cheats. They cheated us all out of everything except new and deeper notches on a demonic rack of "convergence," as some call the descent into collective slavery under dictators; and even beyond, as designs to hardwire mankind into "transhumans" really do seem to be going live.

What is Ukraine? Many things, I am sure. I hear echoes of concern about the "reconstituted" USSR, although coming from a deconstitutunalized "free" world, these sound a bit off. Surely, Ukraine is also  a pretext for other perhaps related agendas, 

In October, Russia joined The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network, announcing that its areas of focus were artifical intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT). I don't know how significant this is, but I do wonder whether Klaus Schwab, admirer of Lenin (see the bust on his bookshelf below?), student of Henry Kissinger (id'd as a Soviet agent by an extremely reliable source in the early 1960s), protoge of Rockefellers (whose foundation gave us "Operation Lockstep"), will now "sanction" his new revolutionary centre.

Then again, maybe Kiev rise again as a SMART city, brimming with AI and IoT. It would then have plenty of "sister" SMART cities to choose from among those in the USA, doubtless rising from the ruins of BLM rioting and "lockdown" decimation. Maybe war in Ukraine will in the end turn out to be a better, faster road to digital ID, digital currency and the rest of the "globalist" agenda. After all, we got our original passports as a result of World War I.

Yesterday, I was wondering whether Davos has an army, but maybe its army is Russian. Or maybe Russia's army is Davos. Or maybe it's America and allies.

Honestly, what is America?  


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