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Feb 28

Written by: Diana West
Monday, February 28, 2022 8:12 AM 

Trying to walk the quicksand all around the Ukraine issue? Worried about coming off as "pro-Putin" in your silent perplexity? Feeling peer pressure to be a "good person" and, well, not exactly die for Ukrainian borders but hyperventilate over them? Feeling guilty about not wanting to go to war?

Welcome to the troubled emotional state of the average, every-day-person, trying to make sense of a rapidly changing news environment (what covid?) that is still deeply hostile to intrusions of logic or even reality.** Alas, the last place to look for helpful facts and reliable information about Ukraine or Russia is "the media," which, true to their irredemiably false form, are recklessly projecting fake news, from video game imagery to outdated military photos to footage of a "Ukrainian" power plant explosion that not only didn't just take place during these past days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine (it happened in 2015), it took place in China.  

To be sure, propaganda is coming in from all sides, Russian, Ukrainian, NWO, everywhere, and it's impossible to tell what is really going on. Nevertheless, these are the same media organs that brought us the 100-percent-fake "covid" "pandemic," thus assisting governments around the world, synchronized in their thuggery, to seize and trample what's left of our God-given liberties -- without, it should be noted, any (public) assistance from Moscow or Beijing. These are also the same organs, which, pre-"covid," brought us the January 6 "another Pearl Harbor" "attack" on "democracy," Joe Biden's "legitimate" election,  Trump-Russia "collusion," and so much, much more fake news.

Now, they are transmitting a highly contagious case of war fever. 

It seems fair to say that approaching any kind of war in a state of feverish hysteria is not advisable. But developing an independent understanding the complex history of the region takes time. Unraveling the motivations and agendas of all of the players seems hopeless.  

Fear not. There is a quick, fool-proof method to cure a case of Ukrainian war fever before it reaches deleriousness. Just take a quiet, reflective moment to look around at who has it really bad and ask yourself: Could you ever in your right mind find yourself on the same page with them?

Here's just a few: George Soros. George Conway. Harry and Meghan. Elon Musk. Bill Kristol. Sean Penn. The Atlantic Monthly crew. Pope FrancisThe Screen Actors Guild.

In this same pause, which should become a reality check, also ask youself why it is the case that these same people and so many more are beating the war drums with a fervor that far outstrips their concern about the borders of their own nations. Indeed, some of them have spent their careers and fortunes actively working against the borders of their own nations, their own peoples. They love invasions of non-Ukrainian borders. In fact, among these new Ukrainian super-patriots are people who not only seek a borderless world (except for Ukraine), they want to cancel the Bill of Rights, make you eat bugs, digitize your identity and control your mind.

Some are actively doing exactly that. On a governmental level, we see Ukrainian partisans in the EU, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US -- the same governing bodies that include the world's worst covid tyrants, the thuggish leaders who specialize in breaking laws and sacred trusts in their own merciless war to seize and desecrate the rights and liberties and lives of the people of their own nations. 

Think about it, at least a little longer. 


** For a dose of logic and reality, watch US Army (ret.) Col. Douglas Macgregor here. 




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