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Mar 5

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, March 05, 2022 6:07 AM 

Speaking of convergence, did you know Kissinger and Putin have been "old friends" for decades, and that since Putin came to power in 2000 Kissinger has been described as a "frequent guest in Russia"? That Putin refers to Kissinger as his "trusted adviser"? That the diplomatic academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry under Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in 2013 bestowed an honorary doctorate on Kissinger, with Putin congratulating him for having been a "global politician all his life"? That in 2014 Kissinger joined Yevgeny Primakov to chair a Russia-US working group?

Most accounts date the beginning of these Kissinger-Putin tete a tetes to 2000; however, they go back even further according to John Lloyd's March 2000 New York Times Magazine article, "Putin and the Return of the KGB."  The story opens the following coffee-splutterer of an anecdote, courtesy Igor Shadkhan. Lloyd describes Shadkhan as a Jewish documentary producer and self-described anti-Soviet dissident "in his day," whose Putin stories are "all seemingly calculated to play well to a Western audience." 

Even this one?

"You know," Igor  Shadkhan says, as we sit in his office and discuss his longtime friend Vladimir Putin, "Henry Kissinger came here to St Petersburg when Vladimir Putin was deputy mayor. Putin spoke to him in German."...

"So Kissinger asks Putin, what did you do before this? And Putin says, `I was in the secret service.' And Kissinger says, `Me, too.'"  

That's a helluva story, and maybe even a helluva true story. The fact is, there is compelling evidence that it's true, and that both men worked for the same secret service.

To be cont'd, perhaps.

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