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Apr 9

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, April 09, 2022 7:09 AM 


Feast your eyes on these images published by the "official Instagram account of Ukraine" as "verified information" from the "Ministry of Foreign Affairs."

Above, we see a figure of such deviant abnormality that to promote it as an icon of patriotism would have been, without memory, quite literally unthinkable. I noticed it a few weeks ago, around the time I became aware of the Ukrainian president's own leather portfolio (see below) and other weirdnesses.

Ah, but he was an entertainer. That was then ...

... but this is now, and it is not entertainment. It is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine at war communicating with the world and seeking its support. 

What is the message? Drag queen story hour canceled until further notice?

There's even this spooky dude who, I am having trouble not noticing, is, in fact, dressed like a devil. 

Again, this isn't Marina Abramovic's latest stack of "spirit cooking" -- although Abramovic, too, is on the Ukraine train as seen (below) on Twitter via an account called "Church of Lucifer." What else? 


No, it's the government of Ukraine's messaging that is of special interest. It's quite possible that  Ukrainian government instagrammers equate libertinism with liberty, and the assault on human sexuality with peace. However, it is also possible that there's a vector of messaging underway designed, or at least capitalized on, to repel the traditional- and religious-minded away from the Ukrainian war camp, and even into the Russian war camp, building on the bankrupt bunkum that has tried to present the KGB officer, Kissinger contact and child-stomach-kissing Putin to the West as conservative, traditional and religious-minded.         

More chaos, more antagonism -- more distraction -- more danger, more waste always ensue. In other words, don't fall for either camp of deep and dark manipulation.

Meanwhile, Western depopulation via injection continues apace, and what passes for the US government continues its democide, moving to seize control of animal protein production, paper currency, and every other facet of our lives as free and sovereign individuals.

If it is our determined enemies in Russia and China (and Davos and Langley and GCHQ and Pfizer and the Green New Deal) who are ultimately the puller of strings on this war on the American people, the very last place on earth to fight them is in Ukraine.

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