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Apr 28

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, April 28, 2022 5:35 AM 


As expected, a Communist dictatorship has launched an item of agitation propaganda to the effect that a "bird flu" has allegedly infected a four year old child. The diagnosis is most likely the result of a fraudulent PCR test. 

I write "as expected" because "bird flu" has come on deck in recent months as a leading contender as the next weapon of choice in the continuing assault on humanity by fakery masquerading as "science" behind that fraudluent tool never designed for diagnostic purposes that we have come to know as the PCR test. Former CDC director Robert Redfield, for example, was out front, seeding the messaging on bird flu by predicting its horrors would dwarf covid. Millions of chickens and turkeys have been culled -- killed -- in recent months around the world, also on the say-so of the fraudluent PCR test, while chicken sales are being restricted in various localities, again on the results of PCR voodoo.

As Ice Age Farmer has long explained, this campaign is nothing short of a direct assault by "scientific" means against our food supply -- in this case, our ability to raise and harvest eggs and meat from poultry -- on both the large scale and the small. (See above for the list of questions he has posted as a basis of non-compliance with "health" assaults on healthy flocks.)   

Now look who has jumped in to assist the communists in Beijing -- the Western "news" media, propagating and amplifying Red Chinese propaganda in order to launder it for Western consumption.

It wasn't supposed to end this way. 


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