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Sep 10

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, September 10, 2008 10:26 AM 

Remember Mazen Asbahi, the Muslim Brother-tied Muslim outreach director for the Obama campaign? The one who resigned after one story about him ran in the Wall Street Journal following reports about his MB affiliations surfaced on an MB-tracking website? I mentioned Asbahi in last week's column as a prime example of the kind of story the vast majority in the media incuriously and fantastically looks the other way on. 

Well, Asbahi may have  officially "resigned," but he sure seems to be  working for the Obama campaign. According to this Investor's Business Daily story, he was a speaker at a Muslim Democratic Caucus luncheon in Denver during the last month's Democratic National Convention.

From the IBD story:

Key Aide Hasn't Really Quit

Last month, his [Obama's] coordinator for Muslim outreach, Mazen Asbahi, a Chicago lawyer, quit after reports that he belonged to the board of an Islamic investment fund that included a radical imam.

Asbahi has not stopped working on behalf of Obama, though. He appeared at the luncheon to say that despite his official exit he was still "110%" behind Obama and that he was participating in campaign conference calls on Muslim outreach.

Stepping down was a "strategic decision," he told the audience. Asbahi declined to answer IBD questions clarifying his current role.


When can we get off the lipstick and pig stuff and get to some real questions?

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