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Aug 4

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, August 04, 2022 2:07 PM 

Singing the "Star Spangled Banner" outside the DC Gulag the night Guy Reffitt was setenced: Randy Ireland, Nicole Reffitt, Michelle Witthoeft (Ashli Babbitt's mother), the Reffitt daughters.


Nicole Reffitt has a rare gift. She can channel fire through poise. Nineteen months after her husband Guy Reffitt's arrest, five months after his conviction, moments after enduring his outrageously harsh sentencing hearing  -- seven-plus years for not committing any act of violence and not entering the Capitol -- Mrs. Reffitt coolly and pointedly took on the carping, snarking DC media.

Here, thanks to Newsmax TV (watch here), is part of what she said.

[Due to the] two-tier justice system, there's not going to be a 1/6er that will not be persuted for his poltiical ideology. No matter if you're a liberal, an independent or a Republican, this is not okay. The way that people protest in the future will be deternined on their political ideology -- if it's ok to charge them or not to charge them.

He went that day because the United States is the last great stand we have. And if we allow our country to keep being driven into the ground by the corrupt, evil politicians here in this city, then one day at your kitchen table the FBI is going to come in and tell you that you stood up at the school board meeting and you are now a domestic terrorist. So wake up, America. This isn’t just about Guy Wesley Reffitt. This isn’t about just 1/6. This is about our liberties being stomped on.

Of course, the Deep State bootlickers won't report on her remarks -- except to portray them as a "wild rant."

From Mediaite:

...Following the sentencing, Reffett’s children made headlines by trashing former President Donald Trump and calling for his imprisonment for life.

But Mrs. Reffitt was in no mood for recriminations, instead going on a defiant rant in remarks to reporters following the sentencing, praising her husband, as well as the woman who was killed trying to breach the House chamber.

On her way out of the courtroom, Reffitt had a defiant message for other January 6 defendants:

This fight has just begun. Don’t take it. Please do not take a plea. They want us to take a plea. The reason that we have all guilty verdicts is they are making a point out of a guy, and that is to intimidate the other members of the one Sixers. And we will all fight together…

Guy was used as an example today to make all the One-Sixers take a plea. Do not take a plea. One-Sixers do not. We got this!

One reporter, ABC News’ Alex Malin, pressed Nicole Reffitt for contradicting her husband’s remarks during sentencing.

ALEX MALIN: Nicole, are you just saying this, though, for fundraising? Because even your husband in the sentencing hearing said that his past comments about the Justice for J-6 movement, that he essentially took all that back and that it was all, you know, a ruse to get fundraising for your family.

NICOLE REFFITT: Guys always wanted to make sure that we were going to be able to have a roof over our heads. I was a stay-at-home mother for 17 years, and that was a job I took seriously. And what guy said, under duress in there is one thing.l.

REPORTER: Nicole, you’re saying that it’s not true what he said in there? That he wasn’t doing those things in order to raise money for you guys?

NICOLE REFFITT: He didn’t say those things just to raise money for he said those things because he read the whole thing just because he wants him persecuted because of his ideology. And he had to backtrack in order to hope that the judge showed him some mercy.

In other remarks, Mrs. Reffitt praised her husband and other rioters, claiming “This is what this is, is political persecution. We are patriots. Ashli Babbitt was a patriot. My husband is a patriot. Roseanne Boyland was a patriot. And all I can say is that y’all can all go to hell and I’m going back to Texas." 

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