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Sep 6

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, September 06, 2022 11:01 AM 

Photo of Sarah and Colt McAbee from new Gateway Pundit story here.


From the Telegram channel J6 Patriot News -- "dedicated to spread the LATEST news and current stories about January 6th Defendants and their families" -- more on yesterday's assault on former Tennessee sheriff's deputy Ronald Colton McAbee (above) written by his wife, Sarah McAbee.

I don’t even know how to begin this message. I usually don’t get into the daily details of our lives during this horrendous mess. Honestly, most people don’t know Colt’s story because we’ve never taken it to the media, until now.

Who is Ronald Colton McAbee? Better known as the Sheriff of January 6th. Colt was one of the men trying to save Rosanne Boyland’s life as well as help a fellow officer who was on the ground. Officer AW. He [Colt] has been incarcerated for over a year.  He is being framed by the DOJ on evidence that exonerates him, only if they ever played the audio in court. [Emphasis added. Failing to play exonerating audio/video evidence is a common tactic in the J6 political show trials,]

This morning around 10:30am my phone started to blow up. A feeling no one likes and took me right back to that very dreadful day in August of last year. I was receiving messages from other J6ers, calls from J6ers family members, and people that I didn’t even know telling me that Colt was attacked, beaten, assaulted by Lieutenant Lancaster in the pod, while Colt was handcuffed behind his back. Five minutes prior: the Correctional Officer opened the cell door to let Colt get his morning medication from the nurse. He walked approximately 25 feet to the nurse, was alone and distanced. Lancaster grabbed him and then sprayed him directly in the face. Why? He wasn’t wearing a COVID mask. She sprayed him a second time at point blank range while he was cuffed, tackled him and hit him. When the pod, rightfully got up in arms about an unjustified assault; the ERT team, (which is this jail's version of SWAT), came running in to assault the rest of them. Several of the officers were grabbing people by their necks and jamming mace canisters against their faces as they shoved people into their cells so they could rough handle Colt without interference. He was taken to the hole, then returned to C2B because of his status as protected custody. Not only because he is a J6er but he is a law enforcement officer as well. Except he isn't in his cell anymore. They isolated him and the others to cells where the pod cameras don't reach. Remind you of Ryan Samsel

This Lieutenant has been banned previously from their pod for her dirty, nasty behavior towards them. Calling them white supremacists and terrorists. 

The entire pod is now on a hunger strike. Demanding action to be taken. They stand in solidarity with their men. 

From one of the men: 

Please tell the world about this terrible situation. She needs to be fired. She does nothing but cause problems every time she comes in here. It’s not right.

Please tell everyone you can we are all on a hunger strike the world needs to know how bad were being treated!!!!!!

Thank you, God bless America.


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