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Sep 23

Written by: Diana West
Friday, September 23, 2022 7:15 AM 

Join me at my Patreon channel where I've just posted a talk in two parts considering today's so-called Great Reset in terms of the Morgenthau Plan of the middle 1940s.

There are many differences, of course. In the 1940s, the Allied plan was to deindustrialize only Germany, Today, the former Allies are de-industralizing their own societies all over Europe, heavy industry by fertilizer factory by farm, and don't forget about the US. It's all so easy after we were  softened up by the initial assault of plandemic lockdown. Back in the 1940s, the deindustrailization of Germany (halted around 1947) was in the name of war reparations; the rationale for depopulation was in ideas of collective retribution. Today, de-industrialization and projected deprivation are in the name of war in Ukraine via push-me pull-you sanctions and shortages; depopulation by "vaccine," of course, is long underway "for our health."

Moscow was behind the original Morgenthau Plan as a means to destroy Germany as a bulwark against its expansion into Europe. Could Moscow be behind the Great Reset today?

No, no, no, the Great Reset is the WEF, you say. Plus, the central bankers and Bill Gates and Big Tech. Plus, the top-down-elites running their nations into the ground. Right you are. I agree. It's a multivariously hideous united front that is making war on our common humanity.

But what really separates the goals of the WEF-world from the goals of Russia? It strikes me that neither side in the war in Ukraine is fighting to prevent  looming famine and want across the world, or to restore and expand the flow of energy, fertilizer and grain to save modern society. The fact is, neither side seems to be the slightest bit concerned about looming famine or the loss of energy, fertilizer and grain, or the loss of modern society.

The reason this is so seems very simple. The quest for the Great Reset demands the absence of food and energy as much as the quest for "Greater Russia"  causes them. 

If we dare to look ahead to the dread endgame, after we seem destined to find ourselves in an unprecedented era of society-wide de-industrialization and shortage, who will be the side that has the most energy, the most grain, and the most nukes?

Klaus Schwab?


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