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Oct 7

Written by: Diana West
Friday, October 07, 2022 8:27 AM 

Jeffrey McKellop, US Army Special Forces (retired), 56, served our nation honorably in numerous theaters of war, including Iraq and Afghanistan, but our nation -- the regime in charge, at least  -- has abused him miserably. As a J6 forever-"detainee," McKellop has been held in that penal hell known as the DC Gulag for some 18 months and counting -- held without bond, held without speedy trial, and in conditions so inhumane and cruel they would be familiar to victims of the USSR's Gulag Archipelago. Earlier this week, McKellop and 33 fellow political prisoners actually wrote a letter to the DOJ requesting transfer to Guantanamo Bay for better treatment.

Why the chamber of horrors for good citizens mainly charged with a series of exaggerated  misdemeanors and a felony obstruction charge extracted from legislation originally designed specifically to punish white collar crime, not political protest? Crushing the J6ers is the regime's strategy to gut and eradicate political opposition generally; however, they reserve special punishment for those J6ers who plead innocent to trumped-up charges. McKellop happens also to be a witness to the police beating death of Roseanne Boyland, and, I would imagine, as far as the government perps are concerned, is best kept on ice forever.

Read about McKellop's case here; read his personal account here.

Yesterday, Jeff McKellop sent out a harrowing SOS, "In the HOLE":

10-6-22 11:37 EST

To one and all! You will never believe what this facility has done to me. I spoke out against this facility using me to work to improve the standing for an "Accreditation Inspection." I told them, "It was slave labor and against policy to use, "Detainees" as forced labor".

That didn't go over well. I now have been removed from my cell, (Shackled and cuffed) taken to what is normally called," The Hole." If I could take a photo of this, you'd puke! Human feces lines the walls, black urinal flies fill the corners of the Celine, brown liquid dried some time ago on the floor. I tried to mop it up, it came up like black ash. Burn marks litter the walls and floors where previous inmates burn paper to light K2, meth, pot, whatever.

My skin is becoming wrinkled from the lack of sun light. I haven't been outside in months.

The paint on the walls, snot, burn marks, jizz, urine stains, peeling. Freaking inmates are up to all hrs screaming and banging on the doors, guards bang my cell door to see if I'm dead, shine a light on my face until I move. Like a xxxxx zoo!

They took half of my clothing, other guards and inmates stole half of all my food upon arrival. I have no Idea how long I'll be here. I have to ration what I have left. Everything is rummaged through by guards and trustees before I get it.

Who am I going to tell? My meals are almost half. Xxxxxxx POW compound. I gave better treatment to Taliban in the Helmand Provence. Ministry of Truth is coming for you!



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