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Oct 8

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, October 08, 2022 7:49 AM 

The Spanish-speaking doctors and scientists of La Quinta Columna are calling out Drs. Cole and McCullough for throwing shade on their research and that of other scientists around the world showing the presebce of graphene oxide in the covid shots. 

Drs. Cole and McCullough don't just minimize the GO research: they reject it categorically. Dr. Cole calls it "myth," "scaremongering" and "hogwash." Yes, he allows, there is "metal debris" present in the vaxxes, but that's only because "manufacturing is poor."  Referencing an Italian study that found graphene oxide in the covid shot, Dr Cole insists that what researchers saw were "cholesteral crystals." He adds something about the presence of "some salt," "crystalization of sugars and salts." 

Methinks the doctor doth protest too much, so here is a recent video, "Analysis of a Covid Vaccine," from La Quinta Columna (with English subtitles).

Here's an overview of some of the research put together by Craig Pardekooper.

Here is LQC's technical report by Professor Pablo Campra of the University of Alameria (Spain) who is a Ph.D in Chemical Sciences, and also has a degree in Biological Sciences. Here is a video of Dr. Campra on the presence of graphene oxide in the covid shots.

Here is LQC's toxicity report.

More on carbon nanotubes in the Pfizer shot here.

Here is LQC's Ricardo Delgado on how it is that "Graphene oxide is being inoculated into covid "vaccines" to control the population and neuromodulate it." 

It's a dangerous subject, to be sure, if we remember the unnerving death of chemist Dr. Andreas Noack, who died shortly after discussing the presence of graphene dioxide in the covid shots last year,

Having disposed of GO, what does Dr. Cole want to discuss instead?

"If you focus on the fact that they want every vaccine going forward to be a lipid nano particle and a gene sequence, that's what we need to stop. They haven't done 10 years of safety studies ... that's the important point." 

Yesterday La Quinta Columna TV posted the following on Telegram under the illustration that appears at the top of this post:

CAZADOS!!.  Cómo ustedes saben Ryan Cole, Peter Mc cullough, y Robert malone son los referentes de la proteína spike .. son los líderes de Karina Acevedo , Natalia Prego , y chinda brandolino.. 

En este video dicen que fueron analizados 100 viales.. pero no por ellos ..sino por los alemanes.. y no publican ni una SOLA foto.. 

Dicen que el grafeno es colesterol.. y que los microcircuitos son cristales de azúcar.. 

Hablan de los "grafeneros" y se rien de los sombreros de aluminio.. es decir desestiman la radiación electromagnética. 

Ya sabemos que los alemanes encontraron grafeno y metales.. hemos visto las fotos.. 

Dicen Cole y Mc cullough que los metales son por "contaminación" ya que las vacunas se hicieron muy rápido.. es decir protegen a la industria farmacéutica.. 

Todos los que todavía hablan del ARN y la proteína spike deben saber que están siendo manipulados por estos personajes que cobran grandes sumas de dinero por su "trabajo"

Google translation:

HUNTED!!. As you know, Ryan Cole, Peter McCullough, and Robert Malone are the referents of spike protein... they are the leaders of Karina Acevedo, Natalia Prego, and Chinda Brandolino...

In this video they say that 100 vials were analyzed... but not by them... but by the Germans... and they don't publish a SINGLE photo...

They say that graphene is cholesterol... and that microcircuits are sugar crystals...

They talk about "grapheners" and laugh at aluminum hats... that is, they dismiss electromagnetic radiation.

We already know that the Germans found graphene and metals... we have seen the photos...

Cole and McCullough say that the metals are due to "contamination" since the vaccines were made very quickly... that is, they protect the pharmaceutical industry...

All those who still talk about RNA and spike protein should know that they are being manipulated by these characters who charge large sums of money for their "work"



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