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Dec 13

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, December 13, 2022 6:51 AM 

Service to this country is one of the hallmarks of the politically persecuted, politically prosecuted J6ers. Reading even a little deeply into the bare-bones reports -- seemingly stripped of any "human interest" aspect so as to supress stirrings of reader-sympathy -- tells us that military service, also police work, is quite common. So is are burgeoning families. Quite a few J6ers have children, often young children. Some of them ran businesses before they were arrested. Not surprisingly -- but well worth keeping in mind -- prior criminal activity is extremely rare. You could even say that many of the patriots who stood up in protest of the coup d'etat of 2020 were bona fide pillars of their communities.

All of which underscores the fact that the so-called crimes J6ers allegedly committed are almost always first offenses!

Nonetheless, the US government continues to throw the book at these American patriots, treating them  like career-criminals and dangerous terrorists. Let me qualify that last statement. Rather, it is the illegitimate regime that completely replaced the US government which is throwing the book at them, treating them like career criminals and dangerous terrorists. Which makes sense. To Them, the Usurpers, We, the People, are their worst enemy. 

That explains why there is no leniency in any of these prosecutions of these good citizens, these first-offenders, who are often decorated military veterans who only recently risked their lives for the USA; it also explains the sadistic cruelty of their punishments, before and after their kangaroo court convictions.  

Take the case of J6er Lucas Denny, who was recently sentenced to prison.

I find (in an otherwise agit-prop-larded article) that Denny is a decorated military veteran and son of a Dallas policeman. That didn't matter. He had not prior criminal record. That didn't matter. I read in passing that "war injuries in Iraq" caused him to suffer "PTSD, memory problems and physiological disabilities." Those didn't matter, either. The feds got him to plead guilty and forfeit his right to trial by jury -- that didn't matter -- and still they sought to put him away for eight years, away from his home, his wife, his young children. He ended up getting sentenced to fifty-two months, is still spending 23 hours of each in his cell, and still has seen his family in almost one year.

Little wonder Denny tells us he's "losing hope." 

Please consider sending him -- and all of his brother J6ers -- a note or card during this holiday season as they remain barred from even seeing their families.

Denny's address is below. 

Via American Gulag Chronicles on Telegram:

I'm losing hope. I'm losing hope and strength I'm exhausted . The communist Democrats have kept me from my family for about a year now almost. I miss my Kids. I’m a family man as many of you know and a big volunteer in our communities before I was Kidnapped for fighting back a typannical Liberal government on J6 after they started beating their own people who were peacefully protesting. I am now in a prison, medium Security in Colorado 11 hour drive from my family, my kids back in Texas, I've been here for almost a month and I'm still being held in a cell for 23 hours a day. No outside, No commissary, No radio ect. A phone call and shower is all I can do. There is so much more to this story, from the J6 to tonight as I'm writing this. I look forward to one day telling it all. But for now, I'm beat down, exhausted and losing hope. I don't know why I was sent so far from home. I will never be able to see my kids here. Sen. Ted Cruz said on Fox news the other day, (Theres, a small TV outside my cell door where I can read the caption) he said China will have to answer for how they treating their protesters. I saw Chinese police beating their own people during protest. To Mr. Cruz and to everyone else I want to say is, that’s what was happening to us on January 6 at the Capitol protest. And now we are in jails and prisons for not running from that government abuse but fighting back. WE ARE AMERICANS I remind that we damn sure don't run. We wouldn't have a country if our ancesters ran from the British during the revolutionary war. We did nothing wrong. We are people who love our country. We are people who fly the American Flag with PRIDE. We don't burn it like the Liberals do. We fight for the fundamentals of

Democracy. We fight for our freedom and our traditions. We are family men & women who are active in our communities. Some of us like myself are military veterans. We don't belong in these jails + Prisons. To our Republican Senators and Congressman I am asking you, on behalf of all J6ers, get us HOME. Sen. Ted Cruz, you are my Texas rep, lead this charge. Get me home. My Kids need me and I need them, I don't deserve this and I shouldn't be here. I am a law abiding citizen. I'm hurting and what's happening is mental torture and abuse. We are no better than China or North Korea or Russia if this isn't fixed and we aren’t released. We are POLITICAL Prisoners and the 2020 election was a fraud & stolen & everyone knows it. To all J6 supporters, please write me, I could use the encouragment. I got hundreds of letters when I was in VA and I thank you. Your support helps. Also please continue to fight for me. phone calls & write letters to our Congressional Representatives and Senators. I’m also trying to raise funds so my kids can come see me. All I want for Christmas is to see and hug my kids. I'm struggling here. especially being locked in a cell for 23 hrs a day with no end in sight. I pray God helps me, helps this country and helps my J6 brothers & sisters.

Please at least send a positive letter 🙏

Federal Correctional Institute

PO Box 6000

Florence, CO, 31226

Political Prisoner 78422-509

Lucas Denney

AKA “Rooster" 


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