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Feb 13

Written by: Diana West
Monday, February 13, 2023 4:08 PM 

Join me at my Patreon channel to discuss The Seymour Hersh Story and to ponder this:

If, as Hersh's source quite plausibly claims, we blew up Russia's Nord Stream pipeline, who is "we"?

Thanks to one of my channel's subscribers, here, transcribed, is what I'm trying to get at:

“Just in terms of trying to figure out who the players are, what side are we on… Who knows?! Who is working with whom at odds against American interests, regardless of who’s in control of this regime [the Biden Admin]. The regime is not working in American interests. There’s no way that you can convey American interests by opening your own border, destroying your own border, and then going to the mat for another country’s border… It’s not in American interests; there’s somebody else’s interests driving this. We’ve been captured! 

“We’ve been captured from within. So, when we talk about ‘WE,’ doing things on the world stage in 2023, you have to stop and say, ‘Who is “WE”?!’… What interest is actually operating under cover of an American flag? That’s why I go back to the Nordstream operation which Americans…as far as who is calling shots, it’s a very murky matter. But, I think we kind of have to recognize that and not just assume because it wears an American uniform, or it has dollar bills attached to it, that it is in any way organic American any longer. 

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