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Feb 17

Written by: Diana West
Friday, February 17, 2023 4:02 AM 

On her substack today, Celia Farber sounds a special kind of alarm:

ABANDONMENT: Biden, Buttigieg MUM ON Ohio Disaster and FEMA Allegedly TURNS DOWN Support For Poisoned Region, Norfolk Southern Refuses To Attend Town Hall Meeting, Citing Fear Of Violence From Locals

How Is This Possible? 

Abandonment. How is this possible.

In her follow-up post, which relays a report of dead birds in Lexington, KY, 350 miles away from East Palestine, Farber continues to map out something new to Americans.

The subhead is:

Not confirmed, Reported on FB; Some Are Saying ALL Who Live In PA, NY, NJ, and CT Should Not Go Outside In Tomorrow's Rain

Farber writes (links in the original): 

I’m not trying to “fear-monger,” just trying to report what I hear.

Clif High suggests high intake of Chaga tea and other detoxifiers, lots of information in comment section below this article.

Let’s not become hysterical but let’s take reasonable measures. It’s clear we have no government, no President, nobody in any official position who “cares.”

It's clear we have no is this possible...abandonment.

Celia Farber's observations are piercing and relevant. May I extend her line of thought a step further? We have nobody in any official positions who cares about us -- the citizens of this country. The People that, as in East Palestine, re-elected Donald Trump, having chosen to remain under American leadership.

From where I sit, the problem is not that the officials of the illegitimate regime don't care. They care intensely, fanatically -- just as the officials of the Red terror famine in the Ukraine and the officials of the "great leap forward" in Red China, and the officials of the Khmer Rouge cared, intensely and fanatically.

Revoutionaries care, just not about human beings. 

Something to ponder over a cup of Chaga tea.

Meme via Matt Bracken on Gab

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