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Mar 5

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, March 05, 2023 5:21 AM 

One of the most informative accounts on Telegram belongs to Dr. Mike Yeadon and Robin Monotti. Below, I am posting an introductory note from Dr. Yeadon on a letter from a former policeman to the British officials leading the UK government's "independent" inquiry into the UK government's behavior during "the pandemic." 

The former policeman's letter makes it very clear that the inquiry underway in Britain is manned by foxes investigating how other foxes conducted themselves inside the henhouse. Nothing new here; just for the record.

Dr. Yeadon writes:

Former policeman, Mark Sexton, wrote this [letter below] to the chair of the enquiry & lead barrister, inviting its dissemination.

Britain is famous for its enquiries, which are designed, scoped and staffed with reliable people. In this way they’re guaranteed not to find anything important or anyone guilty of anything.

Best wishes 


Here is Mark Sexton's letter:

Dear Baroness Hallett and Hugo Keith, 

I have serious concerns surrounding the independent inquiry into the governments handling of the COVID 19 pandemic. 

It is abundantly clear many government ministers have committed very serious crimes against the people of the United Kingdom. More evidence came out yesterday regarding the use of Midazolam and Morphine to murder over 100’000 of our elderly in care homes and hospitals. 

This was government policy. There is absolute proof of this including many whistleblowers providing statements. 

They didn’t die from COVID. 

Nadhim Zahawi and Graham Brady knew in June and September 2021 about the harm, injury and death being caused by the vaccines, they ignored the evidence and carried on. I have this evidence and their interactions was with me directly. 

This evidence was made public in January 2023 and within two weeks of the leaking of an email documenting the same Nadhim Zahawi was sacked, tax issues apparently. 

You are basically carrying out an inquiry to assess how the known criminals, responsible for mass murder, crimes against humanity, Genocide and Democide conducted themselves and carried out their criminality over a three year period. 

This makes a mockery of the inquiry and I would have serious reservations about how you can possibly carry out said inquiry that is littered with criminals and their criminality and be able to justify independence, transparency and due diligence. You cannot. 

What happens when you expose or uncover crimes and you will, will you just cover it up to protect those responsible?

This should and must be a full scale criminal investigation. We are actively pushing for this again to make sure there is full transparency and accountability. 

It is my opinion and that of many others this inquiry must stop and representations must be made to Sir Mark Rowley commissioner of the Metropolitan police to re-open and FULLY investigate crime number, 


Unfortunately the independent inquiry is doomed to fail for the very reasons cited above. 

I bear no malice and mean no disrespect to either of you, but, where serious crimes are obvious and evident but being deliberately ignored, carrying out an inquiry makes a mockery of our laws, our constitution, our country, our people and the both of you because you too are now aware of this information. 

Please stop the inquiry and do the right thing. 

P.S, my emails, phone calls and letters to Sir Mark Rowley over the last six weeks are so far unanswered, hopefully he will not ignore the both of you. 

Yours hopefully

Mark Sexton.

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