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Mar 28

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, March 28, 2023 5:13 AM 

Interesting exchange between J6 attorney Joseph D. McBride and conservative talker Monica Matthews:

"People are worried about the Chinese when they should be worried about the FBI," McBride  yesterday.

"Are they mutually exclusive now?" asked Matthews.

"Not really," replied McBride. "But only one of them is currently kicking in grandma's door."

McBride is right. The FBI is of greater concern to Americans than China. But Matthews is correct to put the FBI and Red China in the same category; both are enemies of our God-given liberties. As deployed by the Justice Department of the illegitimate Biden Regime, the FBI has become the shock troops of despotism. Such despotism includes not only the illegitimate Biden Regime, but also Red China and all other proponents of dictatorship, including world government. 

We might even say the FBI has become the shock troops of Red China. After all, the FBI has been deployed to crush, terrorize and eradicate political dissent, specifically as it relates to the opposition of disenfranchised American citizens to the Coup of 2020, during which the China-owned Biden gang was installed to front a US puppet state. 

As Joseph McBride points out, however, it is not Red China but the FBI that is currently kicking in doors. More important, the FBI is the only entity that We, the People, have real power over. We cannot defund China, George Soros, or the World Economic Forum, to name a few hostiles scarmbling to control the world. However, just as the BLM movement really did defund the police in countless cities across America, the patriot movement could and should and must defund the FBI through our elected representatives in Congress. "Dream on" or not, this is the goal that should be at the top of the GOP congressional agenda. Not China. 

As a bright, shiny object of distraction, China becomes a means to no end; just fiery rhetoric along the way. It is a distraction to rail against the threat to liberty posed by China to the exclusion of the threat to liberty posed by the FBI. It is a distraction to argue over the origins of the so-called "covid" "virus" -- which may not even exist -- to the exclusion of an investigation into the origins and fatalities of the poisonous bioweapon diguised as the "covid" "vaccine." It is distraction to rail against Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's prosecutorial abuse regarding President Trump to the exclusion of the systematic abuse by the FBI, DOJ prosecutors and federal judges regarding the January 6 political prisoners. 

In each of these example of distraction, Congress has purview over exactly what it pretends not to notice: the rogue FBI; the federally-funded killer-bioweapons; the lawless federal courts. So much easier to go red in the face over the Chinese threat to liberty while remaining silent over the FBI's; to rail over Chinese labs, while ignoring the depopulating "covid" injections; or to pontificate about DA Bragg while giving a pass to the depredations of the DC federal bench. 

That's what happens though, when Congress is despotism's accomplice, too.

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