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Apr 3

Written by: Diana West
Monday, April 03, 2023 5:28 AM 

UPDATE: About the article on mRNA-contamination of the food supply (below), Jane Ruby to the rescue:



I don't care how much you think you trust any Frontliner pushing this mRNA in the food supply story, because there are several things you should know about your body:

1.  You have a protective mechanism called hydrochloric acid in your stomach that could burn a hole through stainless steel, in healthy people that is prevented by the G.I. mucus system

2.  You have a protective mechanism called, First Pass Effect, please look it up, but simply it is an immediate diversion into your portal circulation for a pass through your liver for top line poison neutralization

3.  You have a protective mechanism called gastric enzymes and juices that can neutralize some poisons

4.  Without a delivery system mRNA can never survive in the natural environment of the human body outside of your cells' nuclei

5.  Even if wrapped in a LNP transporter, please go back to 1-3


One question I often get from readers is, "What can we do?" What can we do to stop, start, change, help, destroy, defend X?

It's a natural question, not that I have had the most inspiring answers. Send X money. Vote for X. Write a letter about X, tell your neighbor about X. Sometimes the answer is a challenge to do something, to break the rip current dragging us all down. Take your kids out of school. Or, to stop doing something in order to save your skin: Don't get any more "vaccines." Come to think of it, these most effective responses all pertain to our most personal zones of control. Our children. Our bodies. As the facade of democracy completely disintegrates, it is these elemental spheres that most need defending with single-minded focus and zeal.

That mission become the reason even to follow events, let alone write about them. Here are a few of the latest bombshells we need to create shelter from -- and from which to strike back, of course, as best we can.

Jennifer Bilek's Who Is Behind the Transgender Agenda?

Why I don't believe there was ever a covid virus by Dr. Mike Yeadon

FAA grants medical clearance to pilot with ‘possible’ vaccine-induced myocarditis

Italian Doctor Suspended for Suggesting Autopsies of Sudden Deaths

The following post, via Karen Kingston, may well be the single-most dispiriting article ever, so read at your own mental risk: "Contaminated Food Supply Contributing Cause To Live Blood Analysis Findings In Unvaccinated?" It almost rivals Dane Wiggington's findings about the probably related geoengineered skies and weather, which he introduces viewers to in this must-see documentary, The Dimming.

Have a nice day.





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