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Apr 14

Written by: Diana West
Friday, April 14, 2023 11:06 AM 


It's about 7am on an April morning in rural New England -- and when I say "rural," I mean the closest village (pop. 150) is 8 miles away. More jets have gone by overhead than pickup trucks down the road, and the sky is already tracked and dimmed by chemtrails. Why?


Not that the jets are finished yet. Notice a new chemtrail a-borning in the upper right-hand corner. Why?

Roughly three and a half hours later, this is the sky over the Interstate. Why?

Here we are at a town parking lot. What should be a beautiful, cloudless spring sky is a hazy, mess of blurry paralleling chemtrails. WHY? Could there be any *good" reason for this frantic jet activity, artificially "clouding" our skies, every day, all over the United States and Europe, and probably elsewhere? Dane Wigington of says no; he tells us that this is the handiwork of the climate engineers, who have secretly, illegitimately, criminally seized our skies to "manage" the weather. To mug Mother Nature. To play God. And they are terrible at it. As Wigington tells it, they are filling the air we breathe, the rainwater and groundwater we rely on, the soil, our lungs and those of every living creature with heavy metal particles. The cost in jet fuel alone must be staggering; but the toll it is taking on life on earth is truly terrifying.

Please watch Wingington's 2021 documentary "The Dimming" to learn the lab-analyzed scientific details. And for goodness sake look up. Do you think what you see is normal? 

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