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Apr 19

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, April 19, 2023 9:29 AM 

Just had the weirdest call from the NRSC -- National Republican Senatorial Committee. Usually, when I see these party fundraising calls come in, I take them with varying measures of glee, anger and weariness. I see them as opportunities to inform the GOP that "I will not longer support it until leadership begins ... oh, let's say, rectifying the stolen 2020 election ... or, protecting the people from dangerous mRNA injections ... or, standing up for the January 6 protestors being tortured by the illegitimate Biden regime; that kind of thing. Quite often, the callers are completely in agreement, and I've actually had some wonderful conversations with them. Not so much lately.

This time, though, there was something deeply disconcerting going on. The computerized voice  -- this call is monitoried for quality control -- asked me if I would agree with the following statement, which he then went on to read. Here it is, paraphrased:

The recent indictment of President Trump proves that the Democratic Party has weaponized  the justice system to suppress the political opposition.

I replied that I would agree with the statement if it also included the persecution of the J6 protestors, many of whom have been detained and tortured in American gulgas for over two years without coming to trial.

The Senate GOP's response?

We appreciate your past support and hope you will decide to support us again in the future. Donations are not tax deductable blah blah blah --

What? That was it? The call was over? Had I had given the wrong answer and the Senate GOP wanted nothing to do with me? Apparently, simply mentioning the political persecution of the J6 protestors gets one eliminated from the pool for Senate GOP fund-raising! This is so crazy, I had to try to make sure I had interpreted the call correctly. So I asked:

Are you really ending this call because I mentioned the J6 protestors? 

The Senate-GOP-bot only repeated his blah-blah text about hoping I would contribute again in the future. I kept questioning him. Had mentioning the J6 protestors caused him to change his script? He said he didn't know how to respond to me. He then dropped the computerized voice enhancement to tell me he was a real person. But when I asked this "real person" the same question, he was silent a moment before popping back into computer-man and repeating the last lines of his script again.

The implications are clear. They didn't want us before Trump. They don't want us after Trump. And, at this point, it has nothing to do with Trump. They just don't want us.



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