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Apr 20

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, April 20, 2023 3:00 AM 

The United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Ecuador have together participated in one of the most monstrous campaigns of psychological torture of a human being in history, bar none: the systematic, US-led conspiracy of destruction against Julian Assange. The Wikileaks publisher's successes in bringing truth to light was that dangerous to the corruption and criminal enterprises they falsely label "democracy." 

Earlier this month came the fourth anniversary of Assange's seizure from the Ecuadorian Embassy. This kinetic 2019 event, like so many others involving Assange, was effectively staged for the media, according to Craig Murray (in the video below), right down to the previous confiscation of Assange's shaving kit months earlier to ensure that he would emerge from his lair looking wild and unkempt -- the better to dehumanize the erstwhile rockstar-journalist as he was thrown into a police vehicle bound for Belmarsh prison, a supermax prison reserved for terrorists and other violent felons. By now, Assange  has long served out the bogus bail crime he was swiftly convicted of; however, the British state has arbitrarily and cruelly decided to hold the mentally and physically depleted Assange in supermax solitary while he fights extradition to the United States. By any normal legal standard, Assange should be waging this legal fight from freedom; at the very least, from a lighter-security prison, if not a hospital to received long overdue care. Last November, the Assange legal team filed his appeal to British extradition to the US. Five months later, the British court still has not taken any action on the matter. This, of course, serves to extend the gruellng campaign of torture.

I blame President Trump for this; I also blame the illegitimate regime that holds power now.  This demonic synergy fuels the culture of lies. 


Free Julian Assange.

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