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Apr 22

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, April 22, 2023 8:04 AM 

Take a listen here at Lifesite News. I thought the conversation got quite interesting -- as did this commenter on Gab, who just wrote:

Excellent interview here. Jonathon Van Maren ventures into asking Diana to examine ... some of the ... root "thinking" of her subject matter. How can one accept the facts of AB, yet arrive at a complacent interpretation of those facts? Myth vs. Lies. This interview helps us to break through the barriers of the mind. That which we've been taught by the gate-keepers. ...

I'm going to go back and reread V. Bukovsky's essays which are referenced in this always interesting and worthwhile one hour plus: "Why Academics Hate Diana West" (here) and "West's American Betrayal Will Make History" (here).

In these remarkable days we now live in, I think it's possible that Diana West's time may be coming just 'round the corner. There is a whetted thirst for truth in the air and the American Spirit has not been erased.

 No, it has not. Nuts, Let's Roll, and Don't Fire Till You See the Whites of Their Eyes.


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