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May 10

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, May 10, 2023 6:38 AM 

Kudos the Rep. Comer's oversight committee for its extensive research and tenacity on this most massive corruption of the Biden Crime Family. What is an even more alarming scandal, however, is the conspiracy at all levels of the federal government, especially including the Department of Justice, involving a huge network of individuals, to cover it all up. That is, the Biden mafia is one thing; the totally systemically rotten government it has been able to operate in -- thanks to the cover provided by the corrupt propaganda organs that have infiltrated and occupied the Fourth Estate -- is worse. 

Don't miss Rep Donalds, starting at around minute 55. Here are a couple of excerpts (quickly transcribed):

The Biden family doesn't really have a business. There is no business structure around this family, except politics ... and the family is getting money from various countries and foreign businesses through various shell companies and this web of LLCs -- I mean, guys, you in the press, this is EZ pickings. I'm giving you Pulitzer stuff, here...

... we have been able to clearly see that the Bidens' associates ... created at least 16 companies while Joe Biden was VP of the US. .. Now the list is 20 and ... that list is serve what putpose? And the purpose of all these cpanies being creates is To conceal money that the Biden family has been gaining for sitting at the upper echelon of our politics for almost 5 decades.

That is entire purpose here.


Let's be very clear. The former president actually had a business. A very big business. You can say it was his name, you can say it was his buildings, you can say it was wine, you can say it was branding, you can say it was The Apprentice, but he had a very big and legitimate business, which everybody in this room clearly knows and can point to -- Ah! that's the thing, that thing over there.

Joe Biden has no business, except his position in politics. 

And he'll sell that to anyone. 

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