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Jun 6

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, June 06, 2023 9:55 AM 

One of the challenges that faces any author of a big research work, such as American Betrayal, is how to reduce the tens of thousands of words to their essence. Well, ten years almost exactly since the publication of American Betrayal in May 2013, here's the essence -- starting with D-Day, since today is its 79th anniversary: 

But for the secret communists inside the Allied halls of power (Axis halls of power, too, for that matter) D-Day never have had to take place.

But for the secret communists deep inside the war-making councils in Washington, DC, WWII could have been over and done with as early as 1943. That means that Hitler's Reich could have been ended without a holocaust of Europe's Jews, without the fire-bombing destruction of central Europe's ancient cities, and without the tens of millions of casualties, most of which took place in the final year of the war.

And the same is true in the Pacific Theatre. But for the secret communists in and around the highest war-making counciles, war with Japan also would have ended sooner, well before the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (which wasn't necessary anyway). Just as the Red Army would never have made it into Central Europe but for the secret communists inside Allied and Axis governments, the Red Army would never have made it into Manchuria, would never have occupied North Korea. Mao would never have won power from Chiang kai-Shek. There would be no Chairman Mao, no Great Leap Forward, no Cultural Revolution -- no Korean War, no Vietnam War. 

It is impossible to imagine how peaceful and beautiful and good the world would be.

That is the essence of American Betrayal. And now you have to read it -- or listen to it -- to find out what happened.

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