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Jun 15

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, June 15, 2023 3:53 AM 

While you were distracted ... while you were enraged ... while you were despondent ... the new world order digital slavery ID system cranked up. Dr. Mike Yeadon sees it all quite clearly and, via Telegram, offers this warning:

Katherine Watt has interpreted the recent announcement between the WHO & the EU that they’ll adopt the digital ID system under construction in Europe.

It’s strongly worded but there’s no exaggeration in my opinion.

Each of us has a decision to make.

I’ve decided I’m not signing up to / signing onto this digital ID. There will be immediate consequences, I’m sure.

Signing onto this is part 1 of a small set of parts (cashless CBDC being the most obvious) which I believe will form what I call the human slaughterhouse.

Can there be any doubt that the ruthless enforcement of administration of deliberately toxic injections is to followed by a totalitarian control system that is anything but benign?

There’s no point in hoping it’ll be OK. 

If enough of us resist the blandishments and threats & just say NO, it fails. And vice versa. If you sign onto digital ID, everything after that requires nothing active from you. We’ve not the power to decide if, when and how CBDC is introduced or at what rate & method use of cash is restricted. 

This is a moment when I ask that you pause and spend time contemplating life in a system where you can’t do anything that matters without digital permission. 

They’ve no right to do this, and if installed I see no way it’ll ever be removed. 

So this, as it approaches, is in my view, free humanity's last stand. 

Best wishes 




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