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Jul 13

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, July 13, 2023 4:40 AM 


Just watch this clip. Here's another one or two. Then call your US representative. Tell him, you know he's only there as a prop, that's fine. Tell him, you know he's a secret member of a uniparty, that the FBI has a load of dirt on him, his family, whatever. It's ok. But tell him we're all going down together. Tell him, come on, let's do one real thing. Let's crack that smug expression on Wray's pug face, let's knock that chin tilted in contempt of him and you back a little. Come on, it'll feel good. George will crack a smile from our pre-CBDC dollar bill. MacArthur's corncob pipe will rachet up a couple of notches. Senator Joe will give you the thumbs up from his perch on a pre-chemtrail cloud in heaven. Patton will stop cussing you out to hell. Come on. IMPEACH WRAY.

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