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Jul 16

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, July 16, 2023 1:12 AM 

Update from The Chilling Effect:

Not only are there phantom defamation charges in Malone v. Breggin et al ("et al" being Ginger Breggin and Dr. Jane Ruby), now there is a phantom reconcilation meeting.

In a very weird turn of events, Dr. Paul Alexander, heretofore erupting all over Substack as a fearsome critic of Malone and his "chilling effect" lawsuit, recently posted a statement on his Substack under the following header:

Malone, Breggin, McCullough update meeting: we held a high level sensitive meeting last night with players (doctors & scientists) from Malone's camp & TWC's camp

Wait a minute: "We" did? That is, "we" -- specifically including Drs. Malone, Breggin and McCullough -- participated in an "update meeting"? As far as the Breggins are concerned, nothing of the sort took place. Dr. Alexander's header continues running off the tracks: 

conclusion of the conclave was that and in good faith (tacit lead by Dr. Urso & Dr. Alexander) was that TWC (The Wellness Company) will try to bridge Malone-McCullough divide & Urso et al. will try to bridge the Malone-Breggin split

Dr. Alexander's post is here. Not only has he put a rhetorical lid on all of his earlier outrage, his prose has that frozen aspect of, say, a hostage note: "I will work with Dr. Malone in the future. It is imperative we work this out." Take me to your leader? 

Whatever it was all about, it was wrong as far as the Breggins were concerned. They immediately responded on their Substack:

Breggins Were Excluded and Had No Knowledge of the "Sensitive Meeting" Called the "Malone, Breggin, McCullough Update Meeting"

The Breggins do not have "a split" with anyone. They want Malone to stop Interfering with their freedom of speech.

Amen. I know which side I am on in the struggle between the Breggins and Jane Ruby and free speech vs. Malone and the chilling effect -- although our ranks are buckling when it comes to the good fight. Recently, someone who told me my analysis was "excellent" also told me that fear of "retaliation" was preventing this person from simply passing my essay along to interested parties!  

Dr. Jane Ruby addresses this curious Dr Alexander post here and on Twitter:



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