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Jul 20

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, July 20, 2023 10:19 AM 

In just five minutes, Emma-Jo Morris of Breitbart News lays waste to the dictatorship of the intelligence agencies, code- named the United States of the America.

Of course (I say "of course," but it is not obvious), laser-focusing now on Biden family corruption, which is also Biden family treason, and the supression of the evidence before the 2020 election has an odd and pernicious effect: It creates an illusion that Joe Biden was actually elected. "If only the laptop story had gotten out to the American people, Biden would never have been elected" is this pernicious subtext. However, laptop-evidence or no laptop-evidence, Trump was elected, and the greater crime -- the theft of the presidential election from the American people -- is not being investigated by the Weaponization Committee. Nor are the DOJ  crimes against the Americans, now political prisoners, who protested that theft at the Capitol on January 6. 

Impeachment, the most obvioius remedy for Biden (for Wray, for Garland, for Graves and other Jacobins) would be the lightest of penalities for scrofulous, treacherous Biden and family. But does anyone have any expectation that the House will impeach? As critical as this evidence is, in the hands of feckless Republicans and brutal Bolsheviks, it is not only too late, as Emma Jo Morris points out, it is only fireworks. Soon they will be over.


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