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Aug 1

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, August 01, 2023 5:40 AM 

You know you live in a s------- country when the sworn testimony of Hunter Biden's business partner confirms what we already know about the so-called president's essential role in promoting the intrinsically corrupt Biden "brand" -- namely, the selling of the vice-presidency to a veritable United Nations of oligarchical interests -- and 

1) Democrats say he was talking about the weather on the 20 business phone calls he joined for Hunter.

2) The Washington Post doesn't even bother reporting on the Devon Arche testimony; the New York Times stows it on page A15, while Breitbart took its main story off the homepage despite 10,000-plus comments.  

3) The wheels of justice not only don't turn, they have been stripped.

For your personal edification, you can read the latest dump of evidence on the Biden Crime Family at Just the News, also at WorldNetDaily, which features key videos.  


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