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Aug 11

Written by: Diana West
Friday, August 11, 2023 7:36 AM 

UPDATE: August 12. Jane Ruby posted the following statement and said it came from Karen Kingston's brother. 


I am tempted to note that a man who tells you to visit the CDC website for guidance and to delete personal speculation is perhaps rather uncomfortable with the significant research Karen Kingston has been able to present to us, the CDC-battered and censorship-harmed public. However, I heartily endorse his concern for Karen's health and safety. Her choice of a doctor, however, is one that is fraught with peril. This is all very disturbing.  


The sun is shining, the grass is mown and I am watching the brilliant pharma expert Karen Kingston say she has been "poisoned mulitple times," has fled the country, and is "a dead woman walking."   

Comprehending these terrifying details in this way, in this format, a selfie video, is a challenge. I think about how, if I were to have read Kingston's urgent story in a newspaper (back when I read newspapers), it would have quickly registered more concretely. As in .... headline: "Big Pharma Dissident Kingston Claims Forced to Flee Country To Save Life." Wow! What? In the interview with Kingston from her haven in Mexico ("they already know I'm here"), the dissident-activist said Ernest Luque, a highly rated security contractor, had told her she has only a 50/50 chance of survival of assassination. Kingston believes the US government and Big Pharma are trying to silence her in-depth reporting on the nano-tech-intricacies of the so-called C19 vaccines -- which are, in fact, bioweapons deployed by the US military against the people of the world -- as well as her detailed strategy for fighting back against genocide by enlisting county sheriffs to use their lawful powers.    

Problem is, of course, there is no newspaper or network in our hell on earth that would carry such a story -- not when the MSM are on auto-control to stop important news, narrative-contradicting news, from escaping into the atmosphere.   

So we watch the video Kingston has simply uploaded to Rumble. We hear her apologize for looking haggard and for not speaking properly (something about ingesting an aerosol in her room?). We listen as she tells us that our government is acting like international terrorists and Pfizer is acting like a drug cartel -- which no one can argue with. We look on as she expresses her grave concerns about Dr Robert Malone, his connections to the so-called Deep State -- the same Deep State she believes is threatening her life -- and more.

You must watch the video and make of it what you will for yourself. Just remember something. The history of repression is filled with dissidents fleeing, hiding, disappearing, dying. Only usually, we don't get to see the haunted look in their eyes. 


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