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Aug 13

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, August 13, 2023 4:21 AM 

This is a screenshot from what is purported to be, and does indeed seem to be, a video of the incineration of Lahaina on Maui. Notice anything strange about it? That perfect ring of fire?

You can watch the video and other "Things That Make you Go Hmm About the Maui Fires," including boats in flames as they float in the water, here. 

Could we possibly be looking at a freak of nature? Doesn't seem too likely. To be sure, we are continually hammered with the manmade "global warming" narrative to explain all, from the drought on Maui to the winds that whipped the fire. But ask yourself: Could "global warming" make a fire burn in a perfect geometric shape? What other factors might be involved here and in many other weather cataclysms underway all over the world?

Below, in an excerpt from Dane Wigington's latest report from, are some possible answers.  

Wigington reads off two headlines about the Maui conflagration from Fox News:

"Maui residents jump into ocean to escape raging Hawaiian wildfires boosted by Hurricane Dora and atmospheric high pressure"

"Hurricane Dora approaches Western Pacific after a more than 4,000-mile-trek"


While keeping both of those headlines in mind, let's ask and answer key questions that should be considered, that must be considered.

First, about the up-to-80-miles-an-hour winds that helped facilitate the incineration of Lahaina -- they weren't just from Hurricane Dora to the South, as the Fox News headline admits to. There was also an extremely strong dome of high pressure to the north of Hawaii. The combination of the counterclockwise rotating low pressure system that was Hurricane Dora and the clockwise rotating winds around the high pressure dome to the North in effect creates a wind tunnel in the region between the two opposite rotating pressure systems. Hawaii was a bullseye in this wind tunnel corridor.

And about Hurrican Dora's extremely long uninterrupted trajectory: Could Hurricane Dora have been suppressed with climate engineering operations if they had chosen to do so?

Let's consider some factors in that equation. Do patented hurricane suppression technologies exist?


Are there examples of those technologies likely being utilized in regions where they do not want cyclones to spin up to strength and destroy infrastructure?


Is there an anomalous hurricane drought in the vicinity of oil-pumping-platforms in the record- warm Gulf of Mexico?


That's a stunning example of their ability to suppress or steer around these platforms cyclonic rotations. They've been spared again and again and again. That's not nature; it's climate engineering. And I'm not advocating for these platforms to be wiped out. I'm simply pointing out that they have this ability. It exists. The technology is clear. Why is it used under some scenarios and not under others? You decide.

Has the US military been engaged in hurricane manipulation operations since 1947, for over 76 years?

Yes. Project Cirrus commenced in 1947.

Is the U.S military's involvement in weather warfare operations a verifiable fact?

Yes. Project Popeye conducted in Vietnam is one stunning example. Climate engineering operations are fully capable of eliminating or augmenting precipitation over vast regions.

To carry this question further, can extended periods of landscape-drying-drought be created by climate intervention operations?

Again, the answer is yes.

Was the region of Hawaii where wildfires just occurred experiencing extended drought?


Has the U.S military ever promoted, on the record, using wildfires as a military weapon?

Yes. Search "wildfires as a military weapon." Examine the 140-page- U.S military document for yourself.

Does this U.S military document specifically address years-long atmospheric operations in order to dry out a targeted region before initiating an incineration operation?


Can climate engineering frequency transmission technologies, AKA ionosphere heater facilities like HAARP, induce an atmospheric high pressure zone?


Has the U.S military historically viewed remote Pacific Islands as a strategic location for its operations?


Has the U.S military strongly expressed its interest in utilizing the weather as a covert weapon of War?

Yes. The U.S military document titled "Owning the weather by 2025" is but one glaring example.

Have the global power brokers continuously expressed their interest in consolidating and culling global populations?


Are other global powers in any way innocent in regard to operations like those just described?

Absolutely not.

All [are] colluding and cooperating on climate engineering operations behind the curtain for their own specific agendas and objectives. We have an 800 page documents at G2 expressly describing this global cooperation between otherwise adversarial nations on climate engineering because of the cross-border boundaries.

Now that everything is spiraling toward total near-term collapse, has that former covert cooperation turned into yet more escalated forms of warfare between nations that are now competing for the scraps of what's left on a dying planet?

Anyone that actually still believes the off-the-charts wildfires, droughts and deluges all over the world are just random acts of nature needs to radically re-check their reality. There is no legitimate discussion of climate-anything from any perspective without first and foremost addressing the climate engineering operations.

In the geologic blink of an eye industrialized militarized so-called civilization has laid waste to our formerly thriving miracle-planet and at the top of all the layers of deeply destructive human activity is climate engineering operations, a.k.a., weather warfare.

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