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Aug 14

Written by: Diana West
Monday, August 14, 2023 5:31 AM 

I am linking to the TikTok page of Maui-resident Raylene Short, who brings us information on the war zone that is Lahaina -- and maybe literally as the US government locks down what is/what it left of the city like a hostile occupying force. The news media, of course, are AWOL, while Maui-overlord Oprah appears to me to have engaged in a stunt designed to make us all believe the survivors of Lahaina don't want the world to know what is happening to them. As if. 

This recent video of Short's is going viral -- and is a must-watch. However, Short continues to  update the story as she learns more -- just like a real old-time reporter. Her most recent post discusses the perils and frustrations of locals attempting to take loads of supplies into Lahaina for people in dire need. For one thing, the supply effort must be by sea. 

Why are we doing this via boat when they are perfectly good roads? Because the government has shut down all the roads in and out of Lahaina [except] one-way traffic out. They want everybody out. If you go out, you're not allowed back in. There's possibly some residents with IDs being let in, but that's about it. 

Further, as Short's husband learned from "locals" who have made the voyage: 

They said that FEMA started confiscating all of their supplies and putting them behind barriers and barricades. So now they have to try to find places to drop of supplies where FEMA is not active. (We all know about FEMA. If you don't you should do some research and digging there; it is bad news.) They are also reporting -- these are from the locals who are trying to deliver supplies via boat because, again, officials have locked down the roads --  that there is looting of their boats at gunpoint. Now, they're shuttling supplies in on jet skies so that the entire load doesn't get taken. I really don't feel this is locals doing this, this is not the energy of aloha, not the energy of Maui. I feel like it's implants....

Why might that be? Short posits that grass-roots charitable efforts are being impeded or quashed by the government and, possibly, government goons, for a reason:

And what they are doing is worse than you can imagine. They are trying to create a worse crisis so there needs to be a complete military lockdown, complete FEMA occupation, which they are already trying to do -- lock everybody out of this area. And they're saying it could be locked down for several months.

It's awfully suspicious. Like, there was a local restaurant in Lahaina that was still open and making meals for people -- and it was robbed. Like, really? Are you kidding me? This is not something that the native Hawaians are doing. I know that ... Locals are still looking for loved ones....

Short recommends that we do our homework before sending money or supplies to make sure the organization will in fact distribute them to those in need. She said Maui Food Bank and Hungry Heroes are two local organizations "actually helping people." 


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