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Aug 18

Written by: Diana West
Friday, August 18, 2023 12:21 PM 

As I try to make sense of the fragments of Internet evidence that litter the days leading up to her family deciding to post an official missing person alert on Karen Kingston on August 17 in Quintana Roo, Mexico, I want to reel in a couple of what I will see as distortions which threaten to take this extremely concerning story of Kingston's flight and, now, disappearance, to a strange place.

The first concerns the essence of the Kingston story as it was set in early headlines, coverage and commentary around a shocking video Kingston uploaded to her Gettr account on August 6 in which she announces she fled the country in fear of her life. That last bit, by the way, is exactly the headline I put over my brief account of the video: "Karen Kingston Says She Has Fled America in Fear of Her Life." I wrote:

the dissident-activist said Ernest Luque, a highly rated security contractor, had told her she has only a 50/50 chance of survival of assassination. Kingston believes the US government and Big Pharma are trying to silence her in-depth reporting on the nano-tech-intricacies of the so-called C19 vaccines -- which are, in fact, bioweapons deployed by the US military against the people of the world -- as well as her detailed strategy for fighting back against genocide by enlisting county sheriffs to use their lawful powers.

Later, I was taken aback to come across even more sensational headlines on the Kingston story, starting with this one:

Whistleblower Karen Kingston Flees U.S. Claiming Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Advisor Dr. Robert Malone Ordered a CIA Assassination of Her

What had I missed in my haste? I first took in this August 10 headline by Brian Shilhavy at Health Impact News as a kind of a piece of artwork Dr. Robert Malone appended over the sulphurous eruptions the Kingston story set off in his Substack column (which misquotes me) on August 11. Also on August 11, Mike Adams opened his Brighteon Broadcast News report "with some breaking news about Karen Kingston putting out a video claiming that she is being hunted to be assassinated by the CIA ... and that she believes Dr. Robert Malone, she says, has put out the hit on her to have killed." Later, in a rather unsettling follow-up, Adams warmed to this theme, writing: "In her original video, Karen had implied that Dr. Malone was somehow running a CIA hit squad..." If you missed "hit squad" the first time, the term appears four more times in the story. 

But is that what she said? Here, I think, is Exhibit A, from the Health Impact News story:

Did Karen Kingston say that? Yes, she did, roughly. At around Minute 37 of the 39-minute-monologue (fits and starts, sometimes inaudible), Kingston says:

Mr. Kennedy, I beg of you to talk to Dr. Robert Malone and not have me killed. Not have me killed.

There's a pause and she continues: "I want you guys to know that I am very healthy, I am a great swimmer (laughs a little), and I am not suicidal." She adds that she is utterly exhausted from her ordeal and is not sleeping well.

Kingston's health update will figure into my discussion to come of the second distortion I see: the blunt-force subtext that because Kingston might possibly be taking a certain malaria pharmaceutical product that might possibly be causing her to have hallucinations -- subtext -- the dame's gone starkers, and everything she says is crazy talk. 

This is not to say that Kingston doesn't make a number of extremely shocking claims in her video, and repetitively so: She has fled the US in fear of life, she says. The security contractor she says she hired -- she names him, Ernest Luque of Alpha Security -- told her her "life was in danger," she says. He told her there was "a huge file on her," she says. She claims she is being "hunted," "haunted," "hunted." 

Could any of this be true? Kingston certainly seems to believe it; I couldn't watch the video without feeling some measure of her desperation and distress. (If this were to be unmasked as a performance, Kingston would have a lock on Best Actress in perpetuity.) There is pathos in being unable to recognize in the uploaded visage of fear and exhaustion the lovely face many of us know from Kingston's impressively detailed discourses, for example, on the most impenetrable bioscience patents. Nonetheless, she is able to hammer the main points of her anti-covid-shot agenda numerous times, and cogently so. She urges us to use the documents she has posted on her substack to enlist local sheriffs to remove from our communities the C19 kill-shots, which, recall, she explained to us early on, were by definition "bioweapons"; she expresses her intense frustration that no national leader, including Robert Kennedy Jr., ever talks about doing this most urgent thing; she continues to maintain that Pfizer is not above the law. "I don't want to beat a dead horse by going back to Dr. Malone," she says, but she does. She keeps going back to the subject of Robert Malone.  

However, when it comes to her repetitious talk of potential-assassins, is it Robert Malone she points to?

Before posting a series of quotations in which Kingston discusses whom she believes is bent on eliminating her, I want to add some context to Kingston's comments.

About Malone and the Intelligence Community -- a subject Kingston repeatedly references -- here is what he told Joe Rogan on the topic: 

I've got many friends in the intelligence community so I'm kind of a pretty deep insider in terms of the government.

Got it?

About the general threat-environment in Amerika, circa 2023, when it comes to anti-vaxx voices against covid propaganda, let's recall the shocking death in May of Dr. Rashid Buttar, who, days before he unexpectedly died, said he had been "intentionally posioned." Indeed, Kingston mentions losing Drs. Buttar and Zev Zelenko "early on," and notes that Dr. Brian Ardis "has said they tried to poison him." She might well have added Dr. Carrie Madej, who, as I recall, has also spoken of this threat; meanwhile, Dr. Madej was very nearly killed in a small plane crash last year. While we're on the topic, it's worth throwing in the research of Erin Elizabeth, who has reported on a series of strange deaths of holistic doctors here. Meanwhile, the demise of PCR-inventor/Fauci foe Cary Mullis in 2019 still troubles a number of people. So many mysteries, so much bad ju-ju. 

Let's go to the videotape (Kingston transcript):  

Around Minute 7:

So, Dr. Malone talks about how he is still in touch with all these people at the CIA and the FBI. Those people now are on me. They want me dead. That's basically what [security contractor] Ernest  told me. He said I had a 50/50 chance of survival. You know, I don't even know if it's that. I've been poisoned multiple, multiple times. So it's the CIA and the FBI that we know have all these agents that go after people that go against the narrative.

Well, yeah -- they certainly do. Are "those people" (not Malone) "going after" Karen Kingston? I don't know. Do you? I will note that I think I've confirmed that Kingston did, indeed, hire Ernest Luque. Using the email address Kingston provided here, I emailed him. He forwarded my query to Kingston's brother Ron Kuchler, who wrote me: 

Mr. Luque is forbidden to comment on any matters pertaining to clients by US Privacy Laws ... We ask that any media inquiries be directed to Dr. Margaret Aranda.  

It's all so roundabout and weird. Back to the Kingston transcript. Around Minute 9:30: 

I'm really being hunted because I'm trying to save the lives of children and adults around the world, and I'm being hunted, according to Ernest, by our own government, which is controlled by Hillary Clinton and Obama.

Ernest, she says, has told her it's "our own government" "controlled by Hillary Clinton and Obama" that's after her. Not Malone. 

Around Minute 18:

I am being hunted down right now like an animal for telling the truth, for giving people documentation so that they can protect their communities and protect their children, and that's why the government wants me dead, you know, and also because I criticize Dr. Malone. That's why the government wants me dead. And this was made very clear to me by Ernest Luque again -- his last name is L-U-Q-U-E, he's in charge of Alpha Security, he works for the FBI and the Pentagon. He says there's a huge file on me. I am I guess their No 1 target right now.

He works for the FBI and the Pentagon? (Insert stressed emogi.) Anyway, Ernest told her, she says again, "the government wants her dead." Not Malone.

Around Minute 28:

I have not been in contact with any friends, any family, anyone for their own safety. This is the first time I've turned my cell phone on in two weeks. So, it's for my safety and it's for your safety. But I want you guys to know I am being hunted down. And I would ask Dr. Robert Malone -- you're friends with people in the CIA. OK. For the love of humanity ... call off your friends at the CIA. This is who's hunting me down. And, and, and they're doing this to intimidate people.

This (above) is a significant moment: the first of several appeals to Robert Malone. Kingston has asked the guy who told us he was "kind of a deep insider" with "many friends in the intelligence community" to "call off your friends at the CIA."

Around Minute 29:

I gave everything up to God. I shouldn't be here today. I am protected because of God. I know the CIA, and the FBI, and the Clintons and Obama apparently are saying what the hell is she doing being alive?

Not Malone.

The second plea to Malone comes at around Minute 30:

Mikki Willis, if you're listening, Steve Kirsch, Mike Adams? Please talk to Dr Robert Malone to call off the CIA, he's friends with them. Call off the CIA from hunting me down for the love of humanity. And I'd like to know who told the CIA to kill me. I will never find out, but I would love to know who said, She's a threat to our objective, make her go away.

She starts to wrap it up, but, beginning to say goodbye, she wells over again with emotion. 

Another plea Malone follows at around Minute 34:

If you're friends with Dr Robert Malone, please ask him to call the CIA and have them step off and stop hunting me down like a  wild animal.  

At around Minute 36, there is one final plea to Malone:

Like, the decent thing to do is to have a debate, right? If I have no credibility and I'm so insignificant, then Dr. Malone, why don't we have a debate about your invention and this technology, and you can destroy me publicly and humilate me, right? But if you have friends at the CIA, right, and, they can just hunt me down like a wild animal -- I mean, I guess that's easier. But please stop this. Please. You have friends at the CIA. Tell them to step down and stop haunting me, stop hunting me down.

Around Minute 37:

Bobby, I beg of you -- sorry, Mr. Kennedy. I beg of you to talk to Dr Malone and not have me killed. Not have me killed.

Which is where we came in. 

Taking the video as a whole, I still think the headline here is Kingston's flight, plus her very real fear, rational or not, that the government/CIA wants her dead. Rather than accusing Robert Malone, it seems to me that Kingston, a fierce Malone critic, in her extremis is actually leaning on him for help. 

To be cont'd. 





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