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Aug 26

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, August 26, 2023 5:00 AM 


We already know that Gov Green and Maui officials have made Lahaina off limits to the press.    

This FEMA letter (via Anthony Canassa) tells us that Maui County officials have also asked FEMA for  "pause" on posting "new imagery of damage/disaster/debris" from the fire -- no, actually, a "full stop on disaster imagery going forward."

Why? "Out of respect for those who perished." What a diamond-hard new rationale for state-controlled censorship. Out of respect for those who perished there will be a state-controlled cover-up of events leading to this horrific and also preventable carnage. Out of concern for those responsible is more like it.

Lahaina becomes a microcosm of brazenly expanding governmental censorship all over the formerly free world.

Now this: A shocking report via Raylene Short on TikTok claiming that the bodies of 183 Lahaina fire victims washed up on the nearby island of Lanai. Is it true? I don't know. GIven that hundreds of people, including many children, are still listed as missing, and that many people fled the fire in stormy surf, it is certainly very possibly true. However, out of respect for those who perished, we probably will never know.  

None of this bodes well for the rest of humanity.

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