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Nov 2

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, November 02, 2023 6:52 AM 

Jonathan Pollard is the former American spy for Israel who passed intelligence to Israel which he still maintains was Israel's by agreement with the United States, even as it was being withheld from Israel by the United States. That was a long time ago. In 1987, Pollard was sentenced to life in prison. He served 35 years before being released in 2015. He now lives in Israel and in May discussed his life in an interview here.

Recently, in this video clip, Pollard addressed the appalling, unexplained, and even unquestioned failure of the Israeli military to react to the Hamas massacre of October 7, even as, according to Pollard, military bases were within earshot of the attack as it was underway. 

What was the reason for this? Like BG Dan Goldfus, Pollard believes the truth will come out some day. I doubt it, but maybe. As Solzhenitsyn recognized, however, truth delayed loses its power to shape events. If what Pollard says is true (below), however, there are Israeli officials who should burn in eternal flames of wrath. From Pearl Harbor to Gulf of Tonkin to 9/11 to Benghazi and on and on, they will have plenty of company. 

Pollard states:

The actual reasons why this happened on Simchat Torah (October 7) will come out eventually: why the Gaza Divsion, whose headquarters were overrun, stood down; why it was that it took six hours for any reaction to occur, when the army and air force bases were within earshot of what was going on.

I have friends who were helicopter pilots, attack pilots, who were sitting in their cockpits, ready to take off, fully loaded, ready, ready to stop them at the fence. They didn't get their orders for six hours. They could hear it, they could hear the fighting. They were called by friends in the border kibbutizim ... that were being overrun and slaughtered, saying, Help us, please, they're killing our children. They weren't given permission to take off. That will haunt my friend for the rest of his life. He feels personally responsible for many deaths because of that, wrongly.   

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