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Sep 23

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, September 23, 2008 4:12 PM 

Just read a London TimesOnline report stating "Two members of the British National Party were also in town [Cologne], including Richard Barnbrook, its sole member of the London Assembly." They were not, it so happens, invited to the conference.

But as I discussed here regarding initial misreports that Le Pen would be speaking at the Cologne event, the BNP's presence or non-presence "in town" changes nothing about the merits or importance of the anti-Islamization cause (or the disgrace of Cologne's descent into mob rule) just as, to take an extreme but concrete example, Stalin's presence in the Allied camp changed nothing about the merits or importance of the anti-Nazi cause. This is not to compare the BNP to Stalin, who, after all, was responsible for killing  millions of people before he became an ally of the US and GB.

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