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Oct 14

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, October 14, 2008 6:02 AM 

Reading through the painstaking reportage on Barack Obama as presented through this election cycle by Stanley Kurtz (latest here), you think: What do we need the MSM for when we have Kurtz's Obama oeuvre? Answer: We need them to spread it around. To analyze and parse the information. To gather more information. To pose the questions raised by this information to the Candidate Himself. To present all of this urgently important information  to the American people so they can decide if this extreme Leftist incubated in a hothouse of anti-Americanism should be our next president. Even as the MSM are content to feed off Obama campaign press releases, the pabulum about "hope" and "change" they offer us is poisoning the democratic process.

For example, did you know the reportedly "post-racial" Obama is on the record  opposing racial integration and assimilation? In a piece from June, Kurtz discusses a 1995 interview in which Obama rejected what he called “the unrealistic politics of integrationist assimilation — which helps a few upwardly mobile blacks to ‘move up, get rich, and move out." Kurtz writes: "This statement might surprise many Obama supporters, who seem to think of him as the epitome of integrationism. Yet Obama’s repudiation of integrationist upward mobility is fully consistent with his career as a community organizer, his general sympathy for leftist critics of the American “system,” and of course his membership at Trinity. Obama, we are told, `quickly learned that integration was a one-way street, with blacks expected to assimilate into a white world that never gave ground.' Compare these statements by Obama with some of the remarks in Jeremiah Wright’s Trumpet, and the resemblance is clear."

Did you know Obama wants to replace "John Wayne" thinking with "collective" thinking? Kurtz writes: "Obama believes that what he derogates as `John Wayne' thinking and the old, `right wing...individualistic bootstrap myth' needs to be replaced: `We must unite in collective action, build collective institutions and organizations.'

Is that the "change" we "hope" for?

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