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Oct 20

Written by: Diana West
Monday, October 20, 2008 6:25 AM 

When the history of this election is written--quite possibly in offline silence a la  those Irish monks who salvaged civilization during barbarous times--the role of the licky-lapdog media in the (literally) unchecked rise of Barack Obama will be seen as paramount.

"Partisan" isn't the word to describe the derelict, incurious subservience displayed by this robo-bama vanguard. I say this on reading only the latest bombshell about Obama's ties to the hard Left, if not socialist New Party of Chicago, which Stanley Kurtz examines here (along with the New Party's connections to ACORN...).

The media will just plug up its ears. Or write another hit piece about...Cindy McCain.

Still, just for the record--just for the monks--Kurtz wonders:

At what point will the press force Obama to own up to the full extent of his ties to ACORN? At what point will the press demand a full accounting of Obama’s ties to the New Party? At what point will the depth of Obama’s redistributionist economic stance be acknowledged?

What's that they say about hell freezing over?

Barack Obama is hiding the truth about his political past, and the press is playing along.

Or. rather, orchestrating the cover-up.



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