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Oct 20

Written by: Diana West
Monday, October 20, 2008 7:27 AM 

Caught most of Sean Hannity's second special on Barack Obama's radical ties on Fox last night. Unforgettable tidbit: "Frank," who served as a father-figurelike racial counselor  to Obama, as described in Obama's Dreams from My Father, has been largely edited out of the audio version of the book. A Random House spokesman told Fox that such editing was Obama's decision, which makes sense since not only is he the author of the book, he is the recorded reader of the audio version.

"Frank," of course, has been identified by Cliff Kincaid as Frank Marshall Davis, a known communist. He has also been i.d.'d as a sexual deviant. Or maybe, like William Ayers, he was "just a guy in the neighborhood"?


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