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Oct 24

Written by: Diana West
Friday, October 24, 2008 5:45 AM 

If you wondered what happened to the immigration issue during this presidential election--namely, the political battle over the imundation of these United States by illegal aliens, largely from Mexico, from across the country's still undefended Southern border--enlighten yourself by reading Allan Wall's article on the topic at

In "Who Can Sell Out the US Faster--McCain and Obama Slug It Out in Spanish," Wall picks up the trail of immigration, just last year a top political issue, in its now exclusively Spanish-language existence in Spanish-language US media. While the English-speaking (for now) majority hears nada on the topic, immigration is a hot topic in a Spanish-language ad war currently being waged between Obama and McCain  over which candidate can deliver more of amnesty faster.

Oh, and did I mention the article was deeply depressing?

Wall's bottom line: 

The Spanish ads of Obama and McCain are campaign propaganda, delivered in a foreign language, to a sector of the American electorate. The ads are designed to appeal to Hispanic voters, not on the basis of their American citizenship and American interests, but on the basis of their perceived identity as Hispanics, not as Americans.

Did I mention that fluency in English is a requirement for naturalization?

Notice that in these ads, Obama and McCain are competing with each other as to who is better equipped to deliver an amnesty to illegal aliens. But they don’t like to tell that to the mainstream electorate in English.

This is bad stuff. And it’s likely to get worse in future elections. Of course, if present trends continue, when the U.S. becomes part of Latin America, it may be English ads that get phased out.

But in the here and now, despite all the pandering by John McCain, he’s still losing among Hispanics. And that’s highly unlikely to change come election day.

You’d think McCain would learn his lesson. But don’t hold your breath.




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