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Oct 29

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, October 29, 2008 5:25 AM 

Et tu, Washington Times?

See-Dubya writes in to highlight an AP story printed in The Washington Times on Monday titled: "Rumor Mill Keeps Candidates on the Defensive." The story opens:

Barack Obama is not a member of a socialist party. John McCain is not a foreigner. Sarah Palin is not son Trig's grandmother. And Joseph R. Biden Jr. is not dropping out of the race.

Oh, and they're not all having sordid affairs.

But it's rumor season again in this country, and with just days to go before the election, both campaigns are frantically knocking down these rumors....

Rumors?????? True, Obama IS not, to anyone's knowledge, a member of a socialist party, but he certainly WAS--and ran for office as such. (Seeing is believing.) Where do you think he got that "spread the wealth" stuff, anyway? Meanwhile, the Obama campaign doesn't have to waste any angst "frantically knocking down these rumors"--the PrObamedia are doing it for them.

And so much for the Other Times.

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