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Oct 29

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, October 29, 2008 6:05 AM 

Below is a brief video statement from Bart Debie, who, I expect as I am posting this, has already reported to Vorst prison outside Brussels today to begin serving a one-year sentence for "racism" as deemed by the Belgian state. I taped this snatch of video in Antwerp last summer while spending a few days in Belgium interviewing  many members of the Flemish secessionist and anti-Islamization party Vlaams Belang, Bart Debie included, along with Antwerp party leader Filip Dewinter, Frank Vanhecke of the European Parliament, party chairman Bruno Valkeniers, Alexandra Colen of the Belgian National Parliament, and Erland Pison of the Brussels Regional Parliment (Yes, they have a lot of parliaments in Belgium.) The quality may be less than Vistavision, but Debie is clear as he explains, standing behind his  formidable chair in the beautiful Antwerp city council chamber,  what it means to be stripped of civli and political rights by the Belgian state.

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