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Nov 16

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, November 16, 2008 7:53 AM 

We Are Family? Somali meat-packers on strike in Greeley, Colorado during Ramadan.

Tout Washington, I read in today's New York Times, is "transfixed" by the mystery of which elite ($28K-ish per annum) private school will boast two presidential daughters come January. That means--naturally, therefore, of course, what else?--there is no time or attention for this completely scandalous story of massive refugee fraud reported on first by Refugee Resettlement Watch. RRW writes:

Unbelievable! Take note citizens of welcoming towns like Ft. Morgan and Greeley, CO,  or not so thrilled towns like Postville, IA, Shelbyville, TN, and Grand Island, NE, the US State Department has confirmed that tens of thousands of Somalis have entered the US illegally through the US Refugee Admissions (P-3 family reunification) Program, possibly for as long as 20 years.

This is a story RRW has been following for some time, with this latest installment coming on the heels of a State Department "Fact Sheet" that was discreetly released after the election. Bottom line: Upwards of 80 percent of the "families" reunified under the P-3 program (95 percent of whom came from Africa, mostly from Somalia) aren't related. In other words, they scammed their way into this country. Or, in the Fact Sheet burea-speak:

Q: What is the rate of fraud that has been discovered?

A: The rate of fraud discovered varies among nationalities and from country to country, and is difficult to establish definitively as many individuals refused to submit DNA samples. We were, however, only able to confirm all claimed biological relationships in fewer than 20% of cases (family units). The remainder contained at least one negative result (fraudulent relationship) or refused to be tested.

Q: Why did you only conduct DNA testing in Africa?

A: We began in Africa because African P-3s have accounted for more than 95% of P-3 refugee arrivals worldwide in recent years. In addition, we received frequent reports – which were correct, as it turned out – that there was widespread fraud in the program there.

Q: How many relatives of refugees or asylees have come from Africa to the US via the P-3 program in recent years?

A: Since October 1, 2003, some 36,000 people have arrived from Africa through the P-3 program.

Q: What measures will be taken against the thousands of refugees who have come into the United States through the P-3 program in the last 20 years?

A: That is a question for the Department of Homeland Security.

Oh, good. I feel better now.

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