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Nov 25

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, November 25, 2008 11:43 AM 

If you're wondering what finally happened when it came time for the five-year-old "pilgrims" of Condit school to sup with the five-year-old "indians" of Mountain View school out in Claremont, California (where PC rules had nixed poster-paper Indian headbands and noodle necklaces as "racist") it turns out that half of the invited "Indians" showed up in costume as planned--and in (parental) defiance of the PC school rules. No politically incorrect kiddies were ejected from their feast, which is a good thing. Claremont Insider reports that as the kindergartners headed into school...

...the cameras rolled and about a dozen protesters unfurled make-shift signs saying, "You are not honoring anyone", "Respect", "Don't Celebrate Genocide", "Racist", and "No Thanks, No Giving."

After the marchers passed, the protesters broke out a drum and did an Indian song, whether of war, or lamentation, or victory, our correspondent couldn't say.


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