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Dec 3

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, December 03, 2008 10:52 AM 

First Peter Baker of the New York Times, as reported by Dana Milbank of the Washington Post. Now,Campbell Brown of CNN (via NewsBusters):

On Monday’s “No Bias, No Bull” program, CNN’s Campbell Brown lashed out at President-Elect Barack Obama for his flippant response to a reporter’s question: “Mr. President-Elect, reporters, we hope, are going to ask you a lot of annoying questions over the next four years. Get used to it. That is the job of the media, to hold you accountable. But this isn’t just about the media. It’s about the American people, many of whom voted for you because of what you said during the campaign, and they have a right to know which of those things you meant and which you didn’t. Apparently, as you made clear today, you didn't mean what you said about Hillary Clinton. So, what else didn’t you mean?”

Where was she during the campaign?

Read it all here.


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