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Dec 4

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, December 04, 2008 9:49 AM 

...I am watching in "Invasion of the Body-Snatcher"-type horror as Republicans and even conservatives express not-so-muted to lavish praise for Hillary Clinton, assorted Clinton retreads and Scowcroftian noncon types  including Robert Gates and Gen. James Jones as they are gathered into the new Obama administration.

I think this strange rapture on the Right over what is being touted as a "centrist" Obama cabinet is evidence of the deep confusion over the political spectrum itself that has resulted from eight Bush White House years of liberalism: ever-expanding government, still-open borders, nation-building galore, PC policies against "extremism,"  and of course this latest, extremely dislocating and most shameful rush to socialize the US economy.

If this is Republican governance (which it isn't), then Hillary et al are indeed indeed centrist (which they aren't).  I just pulled down my semi-fabled box (crate) of Clinton books from the attic and, as a reality check, read a bracing section from the late, lamented Barbara Olson's Hillary book, Hell to Pay, after which I can indeed confirm that this new "centrist" Statesgal of ours is the same old Alinksy acolyte who tried to bring us socialized medicine--not so farfetched now, eh?--radicalize the world through children's  "rights," and make a lot of funny money back in Arkansas. 

Speaking of money, given the attention to Obama's charitable distribution of monies in Chicago, I will also note that in 1980s Hillary funneled charitable monies to Grassroots International (which funneled it to PLO groups), CISPES, the National Lawyers Guild, and the Christic Institute.
And don't even get me started on the Cintonian-Chinese espionage, Whitewater and impeachment....

On second thought, maybe next week's column (not this this week's)  is coming on ....

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