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Dec 8

Written by: Diana West
Monday, December 08, 2008 11:56 AM 

BHO, of course, is Barack Hussein Obama. NBC is Natural Born Citizen--shorthand for the Constitutional requirement that presidents be one.

With the Supreme Court deciding not to hear the NBC challenge that came  before it, we now, as Thomas Lifson writes at American Thinker, "are about to swear in a new President without checking actual birth certificate--something many jobs require." 

It just doesn't feel right.

Lifson continues:

This issue has been successfully kookified, labeled as unworthy of attention. This started out normally, with the mainstream media ignoring the issue, or treating it as tin-foil hat material.  Then it got eerie as even conservative talk radio ignored it. Finally,  new-media, solid conservatives like Michelle Malkin  and David Horowitz  dismissed the issue and joined the MSM in treating doubters as tin-foiers (Michelle even ran a picture of a man in such a hat with her article on the matter).

Needless to say, the questioners will not be persuaded by the court and media, and will continue to press their case. It will be difficult row to hoe. They will be ignored, or at best mocked when they are noticed by the media. If there is any truth to their claims, proof will have to be developed without the powers of subpoena or massive public pressure.

So we are left with the follow irrefutable facts:

  • 1) When Barack Obama's eligibility was challenged in court, rather than simply produce proof in the form of documentation subject to the rules of evidence, the campaign spent significant amounts of money to fight on procedural grounds.   Perfectly legal, but not responsive to the question of his eligibility under the NBC clause.
  • 2) No other mechanism than court challenges seems to exist to test eligibility under the NBC clause.

Lifson concludes: "That would seem to suggest that the natural born citizen is not a constitutional test, but really more of a suggestion."

What other Constitutional requirements will soon be taken more as suggestions?

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