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Dec 9

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, December 09, 2008 7:25 AM 

The police state defined:

Peter Mailer, a pub owner in England, has been arrested for a "racially aggravated public order offense" for displaying clippings, political cartoons and other items, all mainly from newspapers (like the Daily Mail frontpage  above), on the wall of the Black Bull Hotel pub in Warkworth, Northumberland. The arrest came after an off-duty policeman on holiday lodged a complaint with what may chillingly refer to as "authorities." The "publican," as such landlords are Dickensically known, also happens to be an "active supporter" of the British National Party--a perfectly legal political party, to be sure--but whether this figured into his harassment, or perhaps even caused it is unclear from the news stories. Now out on bail, Mailer will learn on December 23 whether the Crown Prosecution Service will charge him. 

Gates of Vienna has the details here.



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