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Dec 14

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, December 14, 2008 3:21 PM 

I love reading Refugee Resettlement Watch but not for its deeply disturbing   subject--the stories that stem from our government's resettlement in this country of refugee populations  deeply hostile or culturally unsuited to the Western way of life. What I love reading are Ann Corcoran's common sense reactions to the insanity. Take today's entry on the introduction of Muslim prayer rooms in Minnesota's Mall of America. Ann writes:

"The accommodation continues as the Muslim population reaches higher levels in states such as Minnesota.  Here is a report (Hat tip: Janet) that tells us that a special prayer room has been set up at the Mall of America.  Will footbaths be next?

"BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – On the day Muslims around the world began to   celebrate Eid al-Adha, Fatuma Mohamed was at the Mall of America (MOA), far away from where she would normally say her prayers.

"But she and other Muslims needed to take time from the activities of the mall and find a quiet area to pray as Muslims do during the festival that commemorates Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his only son for God."

Back to Ann:

"Here is my first question. If this was such an important holy day for Muslims, why was shopping so important?  ”Activities of the mall” were so pressing they couldn’t stay home?   Don’t most of us spend time at homes of family and friends or at houses of worship on important religious holidays?

Read the rest here.


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