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Dec 15

Written by: Diana West
Monday, December 15, 2008 7:42 AM 

NR's Byron York wonders what the rush to whisk Blago offstage is all about--and notices that the people doing all the rushing are all longtime Obama allies. Byron writes:

There’s no doubt the problems in Illinois are serious. But a closer look at events suggests that some key state officials, all of them close allies of Barack Obama, are actively fostering a sense of crisis and, in the case of Madigan, actually taking steps to make the crisis worse — while citing the worsening crisis as the reason Blagojevich must go immediately.

Those close allies would be: state attorney general Lisa Madigan, state treasurer Alexi Giannoulias and state comptroller Daniel W. Hynes.

Bottom line:

And now, all three are playing critical roles in the effort to push the scandal — and the governor — offstage. And there’s one more player: Standing behind Madigan at her news conference Friday was Abner Mikva, the longtime Illinois political figure (and former Clinton White House counsel) whom Madigan has hired as a special assistant attorney general for the Blagojevich matter. The same Washington Post article, along with many other press accounts, described Mikva as a “mentor” to Obama who remains a close ally today.



Rod Blagojevich is undoubtedly in a very bad way. But he has so far not been charged with any crime. We dont even know how far along the investigation into his behavior is. We dont know, for example, whether there will be an extensive grand jury probe that results in a slate of charges against the governor. And yet several key officials are proposing novel measures to get rid of him. In this case, Blagojevich is facing a group of adversaries who have priorities that extend far beyond simply easing the political crisis in Illinois.

Ya think? Come on, folks--the fix is in.


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