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Dec 16

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, December 16, 2008 2:48 PM 

And what do we have here--a quaint Yuletide celebration from the Old Country? Does "T IS MIJN KRUIS BLIJF ERAF" mean "Ho, ho, ho" in Flemish? Not exactly. 

My friend Paul Belien writes in to explain what's with up the Santa Clauses (above), who are standing outside Antwerp City Hall wearing traditional Flemish and Dutch garb:

Muslims have objected to the cross on his mitre and the Antwerp city authorities decreed that the Saint, while visiting Antwerp schools to hand out sweets, had to remove the cross from the mitre. Yesterday evening, the Vlaams Belang demonstrated in front of the Antwerp city hall with ten Santas, bearing the slogan: "'t Is  mijn kruis, blijf eraf."

Which means, Paul writes: Keep off my cross (literally: It is my cross. Keep off it).

How do you say "No Cross, No Sweets" in Flemish?

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